Medlánky Cup 2021

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Medlánky Cup 2021

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Contest Summary

Contest is finished, last racing day of CondorWorld Medlánky Cup 2021 is successfully over. And here are the winners:

 1st place for ERIK PRAZNOVSKÝ (EP/LS4a/Slovakia): 5900 points
 2nd place for HELMUT KUENNE (F9/LS4a/Germany): 5662 points
 3rd place for ROMAN PODEŠVA (R/ASW19/Czechia): 5647 points

Thanks goes to all pilots for joining us in the sky over Moravia area and also thanks to the tasksetters team. Big thanks goes to Miloš "Cadfael" Koch (MK) and his Condor e-shop for creating a brilliant sceneries and hosting Condor servers.

Now we will continue with Trips! series.
We wish you all nice pre-Xmas 2021 time, friends!

Contest Brief Info

RACING DAYS: every Saturday from October 16, 2021 till November 27, 2021

SERVER / START TIME: Medlanky Cup 2021 at 20:00 CE(S)T (18:00/19:00 UTC)

SCENERY: CW-B (Morava) [2.0], author: Miloš "Cadfael" Koch []

CLASS: Club class — DAeC index applied

TASKS: tasks distance about 200 km, PDA allowed, cloudflying not allowed + maybe some AAT/S tasks

Hall of Fame: Donors

In Condor SEASON 2021/22 we appreciate DONATE SUPPORT from these dear pilots: Andrey Tsoy (XOR), Martin Dvořák (BW), Zdeněk Dráždil (ZDJ), Ján Podolan (A22), Roman Podešva (R), Janusz Żak (JAZ), Piotr Raczynski (PIT), Martin Baran (MOV), Pavel Foldyna (OO), Jiří Němeček (N31), Jan Nyč (JN), Helmut Künne (F9) & Miloš "Cadfael" Koch (MK). Thanks a lot to all our supporters!

If you like the job we do for you, feel free to support us and make a small donation via PayPal service. Thank you!


CondorWorld Medlánky Cup 2021 | Day 7 | Live YouTube Stream (MOV)