Competition Rules

1. Prerequisites

Every pilot has to own legal copy of Condor (version 2.1.8 + Hangar Update 23). Any modification of the application or any of the aircraft is forbidden and will be penalized by disqualification from the competition.

2. Competition Calendar

The competition starts on January 21, 2023, last competition day is March 11, 2023. Racing day is Saturday. Server always starts at 20:00 CET (19:00 UTC). The complete competition schedule you can find here.

3. Competition Class, Tasks & Settings

We will race in Standard Class (Discus2a, LS8Neo, Genesis2). DAeC index WILL BE USED.
Competition has together 8 racing days. All task will have take-off and landing at Tábor (LKTA) airport.

  • servername & time of serverstart: Bohemia Cup 2023 | 20:00 CET (19:00 UTC)
  • join time is 30 minutes, race will start 1 minute after join-time end, start window 120 minutes
  • start line is 10 km wide, finish ring — radius 3 km, minimum height for crossing the finish ring 500 m QNH/MSL
  • turnpoint is cylinder with 500 m radius / for AAT task turnpoint sector radius defined in briefing
  • maximum start altitude will be 1500 m QNH/MSL
  • release height of aerotow is 700 m above airfield
  • plane icons range is set 1 km
  • password for server will be published in briefing
  • briefing will be published 60 minutes before race for registered users only
  • only after mid-air collision is "Q" recovery possible

4. Sceneries

We will use only one: the new beautiful CW-F (Bohemia) [1.0], author: Miloš "Cadfael" Koch /

5. Scoring System

Each race will be scored with IGC files with ShowCondorIGC. Overall result: best 7 results of total 8 racing days - 1000 points for the daily winner. DAeC index WILL BE USED. Results of racing days and also overall score will be posted on this website next day after actuall race is done.

6. Disconnection, Penalties & Protests

In case of your internet disconnect you have an option to fly offline. You have to upload your IGC after each flight thru this web (after registration and login you can find in main navbar menu item IGC). If this website is unreachable, you can send your IGC via e-mail. Protest has to be submitted max. 12 hours after server start. Protest will be reviewed for max. 24 hours after submission.

  • In registration pilot can choose glider type for whole competition. If pilot fly task with different glider type as he has in registration details, he will be scored with zero points. You have to fly whole competetion only with one type of glider.
  • Penalty zones (if in use): 100 penalty points for zone entry + 100 penalty points per 1 minute in zone.
  • Cloud flying will be penalized with 60 penalty points per minute.
  • Outland in task - points for distance.
  • No IGC file uploaded - zero points for task.
  • For scoring in this competition we accept only IGC files created directly from Condor software. How to create and upload IGC see in Help (FAQ) page.
  • Crash - first time 0 points, repeated crash - disqualification from competition.
  • Exception from crash - outlanding with open landing gear and Condor will be announce crash. Must be created screenshot undamaged plane with open landing gear and first line taskinfo (with racing days number), this screenshot send with IGC to e-mail address. We will count flight distance then.
  • It is prohibited any dangerous flying. Circeling in the direction of climb is determined by the first glider in thermal. If you have doubts about the circeling direction, ask in the chat. Obvious and deliberate breach of these rules may be punished with 10 minutes penalty after the protest. Repeated violation will be punished by the exclusion of competition.

7. Competition Officials

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