Czech_Republic [0.5]

Landscape for Condor 2 by Luboš Faitz (LFM)

Landscape of the Czech Republic for the Condor 2 soaring simulator with a size of 300x300 km.

Landscape Description
The current version [0.5] contains 13 rows and 7 columns completed, 6 columns to the east remain to be completed. The scenery contains 29 airports, of which 23 are located in the Czech Republic. The part of the scenery that can be now flown is 161 km wide and extends from the west of the town Aš to the edge of the western part of Prague. From north to south, the entire part of the Czech Republic is covered.

Sources & Acknowledgment
The scenery is made of artificial textures plus cut-outs from orto. It contains 3D objects of monuments, for which I thank the guys who created them for MSFS and Xplane (Honza Štěpnička, Milan Šmíd etc.). Highways, roads, district roads and water areas, afforestation and detailed models of airports in the Czech Republic are depicted. I especially want to express a big thanks to Miloš Koch (MK) for his help and valuable advice when creating the scenery, to Michal Ondráček (R3) for help with inserting building objects and to Piotr Raczynski (PIT) for an alternative map for the PDA.

Download Landscape
You can download this scenery direct from Google Drive (2 files: self-extracting .EXE installation file + you also need to download a .DAT file) or you can also find it at the website.

Donate via PayPal
If you like this landscape you can support creator Luboš Faitz (LFM). Feel free to support him and make a small donation via PayPal service. Thank you!