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General rules
Wednesday Night Soaring (WNS) - tasks with PDA allowed in Condor 2 soaring simulator - every Wednesday evening. WNS server is starting at 20:00 CE(S)T. Join time is 30 minutes and 1 minute race in time, start window 90 minutes long. No password for server is required. The servers will be listed on the Condor serverlist and on alternative Hitzi's serverlist.

Classes & Task types
WNS tasks will be flown in multiple classes. We will use DAeC index handicap. All WNS tasks will be RACING tasks (from time to time REGATTA start too). Planes icons visibility range: 1 km.

Used sceneries
We are using these sceneries for Wednesday Night Soaring (WNS). Get these landscapes at or

  • Slovenia2 [1.0]
  • CW-A [1.1]
  • CW-B [2.0]
  • CW-C [1.0]
  • CW-D [1.0]
  • CW-E [1.01]
  • CW-F [1.0]
  • Centro_Italia [1.0]
  • Christchurch [1.0]
  • Czech_Republic [0.5]
  • Gawler [1.0]
  • SouthernNorway4 [4.01]

The primary means of communication between contest organizers and contestants will be an e-mail. For scoring questions and submitting flight documentation contact contest organizers at

Any person with a copy of the Condor Soaring Simulator 2 is welcome to participate in the contest. There is no official registration process. Anyone who wants to start participating in the contest can do so by joining the contest server at the time of race.

Cloud flying: the penalty given by Condor applies (60 points per minute). Mid-air collisions: pilots can repair their gliders in the air without any penalty.

Non-finishers & Disconnected pilots
Non-finishers will get points for the achieved distance if the pilot landed safely. In case of crash he will get zero points. When pilot is disconnected during race because of his internet connection, he MUST sent/upload an IGC file via our website or e-mail at to be scored. IGC file must be sent max. 6 hours after race starts.

Scoring & Champions
Each WNS task will be scored/calcutated to 1000 points. We will use DAeC index for scoring. The pilot who achieves the highest cumulative score in 1/2 of all the races will be the quarter champion. When total number of races in quarter is an odd number, the 1/2 of the races will be rounded up.

WNS | Livestream Playlist

Where to buy Condor and sceneries?

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